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Do you have an idea or subject that keeps you up at night? Well, we want to hear about it. Come write for Fey Publishing, and you will find yourself working closely with our editor on revisions while receiving feedback from our team, in order to take your writing craft to greater heights. Challenge our readers, while pushing the industry further than it has gone before.

However, you will find that writing for us takes more than just a keyboard and some words. It takes work. We want your work to be the best, and we will help you make it just that. As any form of hard work, it is very rewarding. Thousands of potential employers, clients, or publishers will read what you have to say, along with your peers. This is also a learning experience, learning how to improve your writing and communicate your ideas properly. You may even learn new perspectives and facts about topics you already know well.

Publishing Standards

Firstly, the topics should be cutting-edge. You want to strive to write well considered explorations of current topics surrounding the web industry. Article sizes should be between 600 - 2,500word count. The average length of articles we have published is 800 words. We favor articles with custom illustrations, and they can be casual in content and tone while being rigorously edited and structured.

What We Want

We are looking for article submissions of rough drafts, partial drafts, even short pitches that consist of a couple paragraphs that showcases your argument while explaining why it is important to the readers. You receive feedback based on the level of completion of your submission. However, not all content is accepted. We expect unique, never used content. Even personal blog posts are rejected if it has already been posted online.

We are saddened by sales pitches and press releases.

Before your article submission, make sure to research our style guide and other articles to gain an outline for structure and formatting properly. Also, make sure your submissions match the following standards:

  • It has to be bold, human, and interesting. Use your voice.
  • Make sure it follows the style guide we provide.
  • Make sure there is a clear argument and thesis. Don't just list a set of tips and tricks.
  • Fact check your statements; opinions are nice but hard evidence is better.
  • Make a convincing argument.

Submission and the Next Step

All of the submissions we receive should be via e-mail. Our preferences of file types are primarily Google Documents, this is so our editors can provide easy feedback and direction within the draft directly. We also accept plain text files, links to HTML documents, and markdown files. Please, do not send ZIP files unless you are requested to do so by an editor.

After You Send

What happens next you ask? Well it is simple. After your submission is sent:

  • Twice a week, the whole team will review and discuss potential fits. An editor is the determining factor in whether or not your submission is accepted.
  • When we accept an article, editors work personally with the author to improve organization, style, and argumentation.
  • Though we rarely suggest the first articles that come our way, we do inform you if we are interested in your potential.
  • Editors collect feedback from the team and provides you with notes.
  • After revising your piece, and addressed the comments given by the team. You will resubmit your draft and the team will discuss it again letting you know as quickly as possible whether or not they choose to accept it.
  • When the article is ready to go live, after the revisions are complete, we are able to inform you of a specific publication date. The scheduling process happens as soon as the aforementioned revisions are made.

Sp what are you waiting for? Contact us now to submit an article to our platform.

Thank you!

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