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Recommendations on How to Improve Quality and Service at Baderman Island Luxury Resort

Recommendations on How to Improve Quality and Service at Baderman Island Luxury Resort

Baderman Island is the name of a well known luxury resort that derives its success from its strategic location. It also boast of some of the best amenities in the industry that increase its customer base and these include the all inclusive accommodation facilities and the magnificent cultural attractions that depict the real or actual; culture of the inhabitants of the region in which it is situated. The management group for the Baderman Island is responsible for the operation of the various associated businesses such as two gift shops, three hotels, more than four restaurants, spa, and a golf shop. 

The Baderman Island Resort is known to attract diverse kinds of events such as exposition, conventions, family vacations and retreats by companies. Such events are the key factors that directly affect the growth of the Baderman resort. In order to ensure that the revenue is maintained, if not increased, and to enhance constant attraction of guests, The Baderman Island management in conjunction with the staff should endeavor to provide an environment full of luxury to its recreational guests and  an environment with a world-class status to its business clientele. In this paper I present my recommendation on how to improve the above mentioned environments in the Baderman Island (Ledolter, 1999).

Creation of Alliance

It is, no doubt, within the knowledge of Baderman Island community that the employees and guests who form the internal and external stakeholders respectively are very vital for the success of the business. The management must appreciate the fact that there is always a way to improve the business. With this in mind, I recommend the following for the company in order to enhance success (University of Phoenix, 2005).

The company should endeavor to reduce the stressors at the workplace. The examples include workload, job insecurity, family-work conflict and constraints as a result of the organization. In specific terms, the Baderman Island employees are overwhelmed by the fact that there are massive future development plans being undertaken by the management. It is also possible that the workers are not in a calm working environment since the business involves constant arrival and departure of tourists. The reduction of these stresses will improve the individual effort by the employees to enhance maximum production of services that are efficient. It has been shown in many instances that the greatest production in form of service delivery has been achieved in organizations that not only pay their employees well, but also those that consider the other factors that may affect  the employees’ performance, (Burrell, 1999).

As a growing tourist vacation resort, it is important that Baderman Island embraces the various Total Quality Management policies that will further increases the efficiency in terms of the services delivered. This should happen in a continuous improvement manner that entails empowerment of different sections of the staff (Claude, 2007). In the tourism industry quality management involves fact finding about the latest means by which the various participants use in service delivery. The advances in technology, for example, demand that the staff be trained to acquire the modern expected standards. Customer service is one of the major quality checking parameters in the tourism industry and therefore before Baderman Island gets involved in the alliance it should address the competence of its employees (Burrell, 1999).


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