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How Can You Tell If You’re Burning Body Fat?

How to Tell If You Are Burning Body Fat

The ubiquity of fat-burning regimes speaks of the immense popularity of people trying to lose weight in a quest for healthier lifestyle. Whether you hit the gym hard or take on a keto diet with religious conviction, the ultimate ambition of burning fat represents the epitome of a salubrious lifestyle. However, the psychological and physiological changes that occur enroute fat-burning differ person-to-person. But there are few sign and symptoms that are universally acknowledged as latent omens of fat burning. Here is a list of four physiological signs that indicate your body is indeed burning fat for energy production;

4 Ways to Determine if one’s body is using fat cells for energy

  1. Power-up! As you forego carbs for healthier fats, you’ll feel a gush of energy. Now that you  have cut back on sugar, your body will consume ketones instead of sugary enzymes to manufacture calories and energy. This energy is markedly visible in a deep, refreshing slumber and the agility you’ll feel all day long. Even more yet, ketones are not susceptible to frequent burst and drops in blood pressure which results in a sustained level of energy that exhausts with arithmetic precision.  Think of it as the adaptive power mode on a mobile phone; a body burning fat is much more resilient and resistant to sudden changes in critical body indexes.
  2. Performance Lag: This may go against the grain of healthy lifestyle, the express purpose of burning fat. But believe it when you read this, fat-burning is accompanied by interim delay in physiological performance. The substance that lumps up energy for cardio-vascular organs, Glycogen, is reduced as a tertiary source of energy. This culminates into a  slump in day-to-day performance. But this is mostly impermanent. Soon your body will acclimatize with new energy production protocols and continue performing at optimal rate.
  3. O My Sleep! Burning fat brings a lot of unrest, particularly in respect to your sleep patterns. A carb-heavy diet is strikingly somnific. When this diet is abandoned in favor of healthy fats, there is a visible shift in sleep patterns; as in they arrive far and away. Burning fat burns your sleep too! But this is temporary and after a few days of tossing and turning restlessly, you’ll return to your normal schedule.
  4. Frowsty Now! If you can’t spot any sign of burning fat on your body, then this may a fetid, frowsty breath may give away your secret! A body burning fat has mouth that smells terribly. Bad breath, usually a consequence of indigestion, is perhaps the most evident symptom of fat-burning. This is due to increased levels of acetone that gather mass due to elevated production of ketone bodies. Bad breath is almost as incontrovertible a sign as any of fat-burning.

It is obvious to tell that a body is burning fat if there is visible weight loss, so keep checking that weight scale. Fat-burning usher a body into loss of appetite, decreased sugar intake and dissipated body fat levels. Usually the first and last place where weight wanes is the belly and under-arms. Now this doesn’t represent true fat reduction, it is at least the commencement of a rewarding journey towards burning fat for energy.


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