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Yamaha 115hp Fuel Filter Replacement

How To Replace Yamaha 115 Hp Fuel Filter

A Yamaha 115hp fuel filter is an inline-fuel filter designed to screen out dirt, rust particles and other contaminations that circulate though the fuel system. Severely dirty or clogged fuel filters can cause misfires, hesitation, no start issues and even engine damage. As such, it is important to inspect the fuel filter on a regular basis and replace it if needed. Never attempt clean and reuse a fuel filter. Always buy a new fuel filter when replacement is needed.

The action of replacing a Yamaha 115hp outboard fuel filter is straightforward and simple. Based on Yamaha maintenance interval chart for 2000 thru 2004 Yamaha 115 horsepower outboards (see models listed), a boat owner should replace a fuel filter every 6 month or 100 hours, whichever comes first.

Inspect the fuel filter more frequently if the outboard is subjected to harsh conditions or if the motor is operated frequently. To check the fuel filter, inspect the fuel filter cup and fuel filter element for leaks, cracks or clogs, replace if needed. If foreign matter is present, clean the filter.

The correct fuel filter element part number for listed models is 68V-24563-00-00 (68V245630000). Part number 68V-24563-00-00 applies to the follow years and model engines.

Applicable models

Part numbers for fuel filter elements and gaskets, as well as fuel filter disassembly and assembly procedures apply to the models listed below. 

2000 F115TLRY
2000 F115TXRY
2000 LF115TXRY
2001 F115TJRZ
2001 F115TLRZ
2001 F115TXRZ
2002 F115TJRA
2002 F115TLRA
2002 F115TXRA
2002 LF115TXRA
2003 F115TJRB
2003 F115TLRB
2003 F115TXRB
2003 LF115TXRB

It is important to replace the fuel filter cup O-ring when replacing the fuel filter element. The part number for the fuel filter cup O-ring is 6D8-24564-00-00. The fuel filter cup O-ring is also referred to fuel filter cup gasket. Since the O-ring, gasket deforms over time, it is critical you replace it as proper sealing cannot be achieved a second time.

We have provided a .pdf diagram of the fuel filter. The parts diagram will help you identify where the fuel filter is located and how it is assembled and how to remove the fuel filer.

Fuel filters are relatively cheap but if you need it replaced by a certified Yamaha marine mechanic, a fuel filter replacement cost between $53 and $150 for parts and labor. You can order the part yourself and install it yourself at a cost of about $14.


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