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Ways of Removing Oil Stains from your Driveway

Oil stains on your driveway are inevitable. Vehicles are notorious for leaking oils and fluids even if they are newer and maintained flawlessly. The only chance you have at keeping an oil stain-free driveway is to remove the stains and make sure they are cleaned thoroughly and often. There are different chemical options for removing stains as well as a method that takes a more unconventional approach. Either way, removing oil stains from your driveway will require that you approach the task in stages and maintain your effort to see the job through.

Newer Oil Leaks

New leaks afford you the best chance of removing the stain altogether in one operation. If you can address an oil leak before the stain has a chance to set in, you are halfway to making sure the stain doesn’t settle and become a much more difficult problem to solve.

Spread cat litter over the spill. Use a liberal amount and make sure you are unable to see the oil through the litter. In any area where the oil is such that it has soaked through the cat litter, spread more litter to cover the spill. Allow the litter to remain on the spill for one hour before moving on to the next phase of the clean-up.

Walk on the cat little with worn shoes, grinding and crushing the litter into the driveway and oily mess. Be sure to cover the entire area you are cleaning with your footsteps. Use the backside of a push-broom to further drive the pulverized pieces of cat litter into the soiled concrete. Once the cat litter is sufficiently turned to dust, sweep the dust away and into a trash can. Any stains that are left after you have swept away the wet oil and cat litter should be addressed as old stains.

Old Stains

Purchase a chemical oil remover from a hardwood store, along with a scrub brush, bucket and detergent. Mix the detergent and hot water in the bucket and use the solution to scrub the stained areas of the driveway with the scrub brush. Rinse the detergent from the driveway and inspect the area. Pour the chemical stain remover directly onto the driveway where the oil stains can still be seen. Scrub the areas with the scrub brush until the stains begin to fade.

Rinse the drive way thoroughly to remove the stain remover and detergent.

If the oil stains are visible after the driveway dries, repeat the process on a weekly basis until the stains are completely invisible.

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