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Polaris Trail Boss 330 Maintenance Schedule

Regular maintenance will extend the life of your 4-wheeler. Performing regular maintenance will help keep your vehicle running good for years to come. The manufacturer has already outlined what should be checked and which task should be done at regular time intervals.

This page contains the factory maintenance schedule for the Polaris Trail Boss 330. This maintenance guide is the only guidebook you should use to maintain your vehicle. Maintenance intervals provided in this chart are based on vehicles that see average use. If your Polaris Trail Boss 330 is used frequently or in severe environments then you should carry out maintenance more often.

Polaris Trail Boss 330 Maintenance Chart

What is considered severe environment?

You should perform careful periodic maintenance on your four-wheeler more often if the vehicle…

  • Is used in harsh conditions such as frequent immersion in mud, sand or water.
  • If the vehicle is used in racing applications or when RPMs are frequently high.
  • When the vehicle is used for trailing, towing or during heavy load operations.
  • If the vehicle is left idling for long periods.
  • When the off-road vehicle is driven at low speeds for long distances.
  • When the vehicle is driven on frequent short trips in cold weather.

Always pay special attention to the engine’s oil level. If the oil level rises in cold weather, it can suggest contaminants are beginning to collect in the crankcase or oil sump, in which case you must change the oil immediately. Upon changing the oil, make sure to keep check on the oil level. If it rises again, discontinue usage and bring it to an authorized mechanic.

Maintenance Kits, Fluids and Lubes

It is a good idea to use factory recommended parts when performing maintenance to your Polaris Trail Boss 330, although some exceptions can be made. Refer to the Polaris Lubes/Fluids for Trail Boss 330 Models.

See maintenance chart on this page for part #s. You can use the Amazon links above to purchase any maintenance products you need. Keep in mind that some lubricants are specifically designed for you vehicle and using them is a must.

Applicable Models

This maintenance is specific for 2007 Polaris Trail Boss 330 models. These maintenance instructions can also be applied to the following models…

2007 Polaris Trail Boss 330 A07CA32AA
2007 Polaris Trail Boss 330 AO7CA32AA

*Maintenance procedures differ, slightly, for 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2008 Trail Boss 330 models.

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