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History and Evolution of PC Computer Games

Computer games, termed PC games, are basically video games that are also called computer games and are generally played on personal computers instead of dedicated arcade machine or video game consoles. The main characteristic of PC games is that they lack centralized controlling authority as well as higher capacity in processing, input, and output. After the crash of video games in 1983, PC games became popular mainly in Europe.

Atari computer game 80s Flashback

It is a fact that since early times humans have been interested in playing games with one another because they made them relax, create social bonds, developed skills, dominance, and increased their social status. Humans have higher and stringer brain so their playing habits are much organized. After the launching of computers, developers found that there are lot of potential in developing games because games provide entertainment. Within a few years, computer games came into being and different software organizations started developing PC games. The main aim of designing computer games was to provide complete entertainment but some people started taking it as games encouraging violence. Earlier computer games had no elegance, technology, and class. But nowadays, games played on computer have class, status, as well as complete environment accessibility. When computer games initially arrived, professionals using computers started playing the games for entertainment and relaxation.

iBUYPOWER - Gaming Desktop - AMD FX-Series - 8GB Memory - NVIDIA GeForce GT 710

Nowadays, as the technology is advancing, computer games have developed drastically in terms of color and proportion. Now these games are not just promoting entertainment but skills as well. For example, consider strategic games where players have to use their complete mind and concentration so as to see how the game is proceeding and finally win the game. Users are required to develop a city, balance resources, defend the city, maintain alliance, save from enemy attack, and much more. All these activities require concentration. This helps users in their real life also where they are required to face challenges regularly. Computer games help in developing the mind of the players as well as sharpen their senses. Moreover, the games developed these days aim at enhancing decision making skills of the players. Some games will make the player think out-of-box and become creative.

There are many drawbacks of playing computer games and one among them is that violent games will not assist players in relaxing their mind. Instead, they will harm the player’s concentration. Hence, it is the responsibility of the player to select computer games that will help in building their minds as well as thinking capabilities. On the other hand, if they choose games that are violent, they will be harming their concentration and will not get entertained by the game. Moreover, kids between the ages of 8 to 18 years are spending considerable time in front of the system playing video games that is taking them away from their studies and other outdoor activities. Parents have to allow their children to play good and knowledgeable games that will enhance their kid’s thinking ability. They should also fix a time limit for playing the games so that children don’t neglect their studies and other co-curricular activities.

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