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Description of Guest Post Service Explained in Plain English

When you publish content on another website’s blog, it is called a guest post. Since you do not own the website, then you are a guest whenever you post content up. The purpose of doing this is to create a backlink on their blog to your own website.

Guest posting to build backlinks is not a new SEO method. Internet marketers have been using this strategy for many years now to boost their website’s ranking in search engines. It allows you to build high-quality, relevant links to your website. Not only that, but it also helps you attract a much larger audience that is interested in your niche.

You don’t need to do guest posting all yourself, though. There are websites which sell guest posting services for other people and businesses. They will do everything for you, such as coming up with ideas, writing the content, and publishing your guest post onto third-party blog websites which are relevant to your niche.

Meanwhile, you can just relax and let the experts handle all the hard work for you. Once they’re done guest posting your content, they’ll provide you with a link to the blog page where you can see the post and the backlink to your website. As for placements in the post, you will not be listed as the writer or contributor of the content. But your backlink will still be included in the post, which is what matters the most.

Why Not Use Manual Outreach Services?

Manual outreach services are when you hire a company to reach out to other blog owners and establish relationships with them on your behalf. On the other hand, guest post services do not require any outreach because the relationships are already established between the service provider and the blog owner. They are a trusted content provider on their blog, so it is easy for them to include your content and backlink in their posts.

Is This Like Article Marketing?

No, guest blogging is not the same thing as article marketing. When people do article marketing, they’re usually spinning prewritten content and submitting them to article websites. Word to the wise; spun content never produces high-quality articles. The grammar is always distorted, and nothing in the articles makes any sense.

Guest blogging is so much better because the posts include high-quality content that was manually written by a person rather than a piece of software. In addition, guest posts don’t need to be nearly as long as article content. One paragraph should do just fine.

Gain Organic Traffic from Google

If guest posts are published on high ranking blogs, then Google will detect your backlinks and treat your website as an authority website in its niche. The more high-ranking blogs you have guest posts on, the higher your website will rank in Google. Then you’ll start receiving several thousands of organic hits per month.


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