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68V-24563-00-00 Fuel Filter Element Yamaha 115hp

68V-24563-00-00 or 68V245630000 is the OEM fuel filter element part number for 115 horsepower outboard engines. 68V-24563-00-00 is the correct part number for the following engine models:

2000 F115TLRY 2000 F115TXRY 2000 LF115TXRY
2001 F115TJRZ 2001 F115TLRZ 2001 F115TXRZ
2002 F115TJRA 2002 F115TLRA 2002 F115TXRAA
2003 F115TJRB 2003 F115TLRB 2003 F115TXRB
2003 LF115TXRB

Buy 68V-24563-00-00 Fuel Filter Element

To replace part number 68V-24563-00-00 see Fuel Filter Disassembling/Assembling The Fuel Filter servicing procedures/instructions listed on this page. These directions apply to the previously mentioned model numbers.

For reference, fuel filter elements are in-line fuel strainers. It is a porous device meant to remove impurities or solid particles from gasoline passed through it. The element is manufactured to be a removable cartridge and sometimes made of a filter paper.

68V-24563-00-00 Removal & Installation

How To Replace Yamaha 115 Hp Fuel Filter

To access the fuel filter element one must remove 1 nut from the fuel filter bracket. Once the nut is removed, take off the fuel filter bracket and then the fuel filter cap.

Next remove O-ring (2.0 x 32.2 mm). Based on Yamaha manufacturer recommendations, O-ring should not be reused. The next step is to remove the O-ring (1.5 x 13.5 mm) from the fuel filter element. The fuel filter element O-ring is also not reusable.

Take the fuel filter element out of the fuel filter cup and insert the new filter element. To reassemble the unit, reverse the disassembly procedures listed (1 thru 8) using the Fuel Filter Disassembling/Assembling The Fuel Filter directions on this page.

Before you buy part number 68V-24563-00-00. Consider purchasing the filter element using the Amazon widget link on this page. We’ve already done the research for you and found the cheapest priced OEM and aftermarket performance fuel filter elements for your 115hp Yamaha outboard.   


Yamaha, Official Factory Service Manual “Fuel Filter Disassembly/Assembly Chapter 4, Section 29”.

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