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2023 Kindle Paperwhite Tablet

Amazon's 2021 Kindle line up has brought all-new features to all three of their e-ink devices. The most significant changes came to their best selling e-reader, the Kindle Paperwhite. The device's aesthetic, function, and features have remained the same for the past few years. Many ebook readers have questioned if upgrading to the new 2021 Paperwhite would be worth it. If you are still using a model from the past five years, get out your credit card.

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New 2023 Features


Traveling is even easier with the new Kindle paperwhite. They've reduced the weight making the tablet slimmer in the process. It's thin enough to slip into your back pocket but sturdy enough to survive most accidents (although buying one of Amazon's new cases would be a wise choice).


Is there a better feeling than lying back on the beach with your favorite book? Before the 2021 Paperwhite, it would be risky to bring your e-ink tablet to your vacation destination. But, the new Kindle Paperwhite is IPX8 waterproof. That means over 1000 of your favorite books can accompany you in any wet environment. Not only is it splash-resistant, but it can also handle being in 6 ½ feet of water for 60 minutes!

Improved Display

Amazon has also introduced a glare-free screen and five LED lights. The Paperwhite is known for its incredible ability to mimic the experience of real paper, and the glare-free screen helps maintain that experience out in the sun. The LED lights provide a crisp white color, but unlike the Kindle Oasis, they do not offer the warmer yellow LED experience.

Audible Inside

With the rise of audiobooks, it's no surprise Kindle has added BlueTooth to this generation Kindle. Now you can download your favorite Audible books, connect your headphones, or if you're on a road trip your car, and hit play. If you're wondering why you would use the Kindle, instead of your phone's the audible app, the answer is two-fold: Battery life and memory.

Battery & Memory

E-ink devices have always had better battery life than their full-color counterparts. However, this year the improvement is drastic. The Paperwhite lasts over a week on a single charge. When combined with one of Amazon's sleek covers, your Kindle could last two weeks or more on a single charge. These elegant covers come in seven colors, but more importantly, when the front is closed, your device enters a battery saving mode. When you flip open the cover, the Kindle quickly loads your most recent page or book.

While ebooks are relatively small files, audiobooks tend to take up much more space. Fortunately, the new Kindle offers double the storage of previous generations. With an option for 8 GB or 32 GB. Audible members can save their phone's battery power and space by making the Paperwhite their primary listening device.

2021 Amazon Paperwhite Tablet

Worth the cost?

Amazon has given people a reason to upgrade their Paperwhite for the first time in four years. The new Kindle is thinner, lightweight, waterproof, glare resistant, and offers BlueTooth connectivity for listening to Audible books. Coming in at just $129, the 2023 Kindle Paper-white has no real competitors.


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