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2007 Polaris Trail Boss 330 Specifications


2007 Trail Boss 330 Specifications

Specifications, or specs for short, are a detailed description of the vehicles design, materials and standards used to make the machine. Specifications generally apply to engine, carburetor, electrical system, drivetrain, steering, suspension, wheels and breaks.

This page outlines the main component specifications for the 2007 Polaris Trail Boss 330. It does not list torque specifications, maintenance specifications or similar.

Engine specifications

A machine with moving parts, especially gasoline internal combustion engines that covert power into motion, require strict tolerances to make them work efficiently. The engine specifications section on this page provide a detailed description, parameters and restrictions of engine components.

Some of the specification details include engine displacement, number of cylinders, compression ratio, engine idle speed, cooling and capacity, oil requirements, bore and stroke, and more. Refer to the complete .pdf guide above.

Carburetor specifications

The carburetor is a device sometimes used on internal combustions engines. Its role is to mix air and a fine spay of fuel in the proper proportions to produce an explosive mixture. The carburetor injects the combustable mixture into the cylinder where it converts power into motion.

The carburetor specification section list the carb model, main jet, pilot jet, jet needle, needle jet, pilot screw, pilot air jet, float height, fuel capacity specs and more. Refer to the above spec sheet for complete details.

Electrical specifications

Electricity is needed for everything from spark to starter or powering up onboard accessories like lights, fuel pump and other functions. If it’s operated by electricity then it’s covered in the electrical spec sheet.

Electrical specifications provide a description for the vehicle’s alternator output, voltage regulator, ignition system, timing, spark plug, battery, circuit breakers and more. Refer to complete electrical .pdf specifications sheet. 

Drivetrain specifications

The Polaris’s drivetrain is the part of the motor vehicle which connects the drive axles to the transmission. If you need to replace parts or overhaul these components you will need exact specifications to complete the job successfully.

Drivetrain specifications provide a detailed description of its transmission type, transmission capacity, chain type, gear ratio, clutch type and belt. Refer to the spec sheet for more for a complete listing of parameters.

Steering and suspension specs

The vehicle’s steering mechanism is what controls the movement and direction. It works in unison with the suspension, which is the system of springs and shock absorbers why which the TrailBoss is cushioned.

The suspension specs provide information about front suspension and shock, front travel, rear travel, ground clearance, shock preload adjustment, turning radius, toe out and more. Refer to the spec sheet for complete steering and suspension specifications.

Wheels and brake specifications

The four-wheeler wheels were carefully matched with the vehicle to provide a safe and comfortable ride. The brakes were designed to provide serious stopping power for when you need to to slow down fast.

The wheel and break specifications describe front and rear wheel size, recommended air pressure, front and rear brakes and recommended brake fluid. Keep in mind that some year and models do not use the same type of brake fluid.

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